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About Me


Hi, thanks for dropping by!

Hi, I’m Sara. I’m not sure who will read this and how you stumbled across my page, but welcome! My goal is to show people the beauty of adventure, the thrill of traveling off the beaten path, and ideas to support more local businesses. I am a passionate wine connoisseur, coffee enthusiast and world traveler just finding my purpose in this world. I have a lot of interests, so whatever brought you here I hope you can take away a good laugh, new recipe or travel tips!


I’m originally from Seattle, Washington. If I had to pin point when my love for adventure and traveling began, I would say studying abroad during college in Northern Italy. Since then, I’ve completed many international and domestic trips, stayed in countless airbnbs and taken many trains, buses and planes. I’m all about the adventure, good coffee and even better wine. I work the 9-5 and try to make the most of the 5-9. My most recent adventure has me taking advantage of my indefinite work from home requirement by working remotely from Airbnb’s. I mean if I have no commute, I might as well make the most of it! Life is crazy. From the salty sea to the mountain summits, let’s fricken do this!

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