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Zion National Park

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Zion Canyon truly is spectacular. The views start well before you enter the park, making your way up to the entrance you are faced with sheer cliffs and the beauty from years and years of erosion. In order to preserve Zion National Park for many years to come please remember you are a guest of this National Park and treat it with respect and leave no trace. Needless to say there’s no shortage of hikes and sights in Zion, your itinerary will all depend on how much time you have.

Key Take Aways: I spent a month just outside of Zion National Park, here are my Zion National Park tips, favorite hikes and suggested itinerary! Whether you have 1 day or a week in this area, I highly recommend Zion National Park and break down the most recommended hikes within Zion National Park.

Suggested Duration: 1-3 days depending how much hiking you're game for.

What to do:

If you have one day and are feeling adventurous: Angel’s Landing (5 miles, 1500 feet elevation, not a walk in the park but well worth it)

Shorter hikes to add on to a day:

Canyon Overlook (1.1 mile hike round trip)

Sunset: Canyon Overlook (short hike)

Full day or multi day: The Narrows (rent gear from Zion Outfitters, this requires a little research, check out my full blog post on the narrow here) .

Where to Stay: The town of Springdale was super cute and seemed to have quite a few accommodations, there’s camp grounds within the park if you’re up for camping or St. George is probably the biggest town and a 55 minute drive away depending on traffic and lots of airbnbs.

Since we are spending a month in southern Utah we got a month long Airbnb in St. George and found it to be the perfect size and home base to explore southern Utah.

Take Aways:

Whether Zion is your destination or you’re swinging by while you’re in the area I totally recommend spending whatever time you have in Zion.

Check out my Zion quick tips here:

Quick Zion Tips: Bring PLENTY of water, it’s a lot of sun exposure and it’s very dry. There are a few water fill stations (Visitor Center and Zion Lodge)

Depending on the time of year tickets, they limit personal cars on the Sunset road and tickets may be required to ride the shuttle (as of 2020 tickets are sold at

If you’re planning on visiting Zion more then once or multiple National parks that have entrance fees within a year I recommend the America is Beautiful pass.


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